Nostalgia for an Imagined Past

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Sometimes I'd read a book or see a movie about an affluent family, kind of an idealized American family I guess, and, coming from humble beginnings myself, I'd wonder what it would've been like to grow up like that.

My working title for this painting was Biff's Room. Obviously, Biff's family did better than mine did -- they had a summer home on Cape Cod or somewhere, and he could look out the window and watch sailboats go by.

So I'd get this sort of nostalgic fantasy playing in my head, except, you know, can you be nostalgic about someone else's life?

Christopher Conlon's short story "Another Door" was inspired by this painting.

Acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas. Sold unframed. Free shipping in the US.

Size: 40" x 30"


11"W x 9"H PRINT AVAILABLE: $13.97
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