Waiting for the End of the War

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We know how wars end for the winners: with parades and speeches and celebrations and hours of TV coverage. I’ve sometimes wondered how they end for the losers.

Heinz Guderian was one of Adolf Hitler's generals. He wrote a book called "Panzer Leader" in which he described the various campaigns he led during World War Two. At the end of the book he tells how Hitler gave him some time off, ostensibly to deal with his heart problems -- but by this time everyone knew that the war was lost, so Guderian went to an outpost in Austria and, as he put it, "[...] there I sat down and waited for the end of the war."

It's hard for me to put into words, but the idea that the war -- for Guderian, at least -- ended in such a small, pathetic way seemed rather surreal.

In case you're wondering, the Americans arrived shortly and arrested him.

Acrylic on canvas. Sold unframed. Free shipping in the US.

Size: 28" x 36"


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